Testing Zone

Simple House Payment Calculator

The Simple House Payment Calculator calculates your monthly loan payment based on the principle amount and interst rate you supply.   It then estimates your insurance and property tax based on national averages.  It then tallies them up to give you a good idea of what you will be paying each month.  

Compare Loans Calculator

This calculator allows you to calculate simultaneously the monthly payments and the total amount of interest you will pay during the lifetime of multiple loans at once.   You can see how a small change in the interest rate or the length of the loan affects your bottom line.  Compare up to six loans at once.   Learn why it is important to shop for good terms.

Amortization Calculator / Schedule Maker

The amortization calculator / table generator shows how each monthly payment of a conventional mortgage loan is credited.   It illustrates how the largest percentage of the early monthly payments goes toward paying off interest on the note.   It also illustrates how paying a little more each month on the principal in addition to your normal payment can shorten the term of the mortgage loan considerably.  

Scaling Interest Calculator

Conventional loans have a fixed interest rate or one that can only be adjusted periodically during the course of the loan if you are foolish enough to get an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage).   The longer you continue to pay your monthly payments on a conventional loan, the amount of each payment applied against the principle increases.   A scaling interest mortgage is a loan that works quite diferently.  The amount of the monthly payment applied to the principle is a fixed dollar amount.   The longer you continue to pay your monthly payments on a this type of loan, the effective interest rate on the remaining balance goes up.   This type of loan is very popular with owners selling via land contract or lease option that wish to encourage their buyer to seek a conventional loan.  It is sometimes called a "punisher" loan because it punishes you with high interest if you fail to refinance.

Buying Power Calculator

How much house can you afford?  Will paying off your car and/or credit card loans increase your buying power?   What will your monthly mortgage payment be?  Use this calculator to figure it out.

VAT (Value Added Tax) Calculator

Unlike a regular "piggyback" sales tax that is added to a purchase, a value added tax is included in the total cost of an item.   This is usually the case in high volume, high speed sales operations where making small change can create unacceptable wait times.   It is easy for managers to determine a price for an item with a piggyback tax.  They simply figure their mark-up and let the register deal with the tax.   It's a bit messier with a VAT.  This calculator works backward from the total price to display the pre-tax price.

Glass and Shot Price Calculator

Computing a fair but profitable price for a beverage in your bar or restaurant based on drinks per keg or bottle can be a bit daunting.   Kegs come in multiple sizes and prices are all over the place brand to brand.   Most POS systems include the tax in the final price (VAT) which is generally rounded to the nearest quarter.   You can also tweak your price to work out to the next quarter up if you want to show your customer the tax he is paying.