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Welcome to my new site.   It still even has that new site smell.   I picked up the foisty domain name a bit ago when I was shopping for a short domain name for a prospective customer.   He wanted to go with a long vanity name that nobody would ever remember, let alone be able to spell.   He isn't in business anymore.   I never could understand why one would hire a pro to advise them and then discard the advice they just paid for and do what they were going to do anyway.

I like "foisty".  It is short, a .com and it is pronouncable.   It is not in common useage, but in some languages it means damp or musty.  A perfect place to grow mushrooms.   I love mushrooms. I created this site mainly to use its back pages to de-bug a few Calculators and other scripts before I use them on other sites I take care of.   I may just keep it when I am done.  I am not sure what I will do here.   I am backed up on both website and construction work, so I really don't need to pump either of those.  

I have entertained the idea of redoing Chat Central Gateway here with a new, shorter name, but why?   It is a chat and group site.  Most of its members have followed the lemmings into the F*book and Twatter seas of blah conformity.   If you are a member at CCG, no worries.  I am not ready to euthanize the place yet.  I will keep it open as long as it is being used.   I am about to give it a good enema though.  It is long overdue.  Who knows?  Maybe I will come up with something great here.   Time will tell.