Chat Room Information

Basics GT Chat works on Mac, Windows, Linux or any os using almost any browser, even cell phones can use these chat rooms.  Nothing to download or install.  No membership in any group required to chat in any public chat room.
start You can test the waters by coming in as a guest.  Enter a nickname for yourself to use in chat and leave the password blank.
Add chat to your own site or group:
  • Offer members of your group a place to chat
  • Meet new people from around the world in chat
  • Build your membership.
Depending on the type of website or group you have, you can do anything from something as elaborate as having a self sizing chat frame right on your site to merely linkimg your visitors in.  learn more
Rooms Registered users can create temporary rooms that are public, moderated or private (learn more).  If you elect to make your room private, you will have to have your visitors go to the lobby and invite them to your room.  I will create more permanent rooms on an as needed basis.  Having too many permanent chat rooms is like having too many boards in a group.
Hosts Some chat lobbies are hosted by volunteers.  They will only enter user created rooms if invited, recieve a report of gross misconduct such as breech of law or ocaisionally in pursuit of a spammer or other lowlife.  If your group maintains a busy room, we will consider granting you or a designated member of you group administrative privledges.
Chatters You have the option to ignore annoying chatters.  As to crappy hosts, unless it is a matter of law or general rule breaking, we don't need to hear about it.  Just go to the lobby or another room if you don't like what is in someone's room.
Rules As always common sense and courtesy.  Those who choose to create rooms with vile names, adopt vile nicknames, demonstrate bigotry etc. will find themselves banned.
Cost Free  I have set up a kitty to help offset the costs of operation.  Donate here
privacy We despise spammers and do not spam.  We do not monitor conversations or enter private rooms unless we have a complaint.  We do not give or sell your e-mail addy to anyone.  We advise that you select to only expose it to administrators on your profile and only disclose very general information about yourself for your own protection.  We will not be held responsible for any damages you incur as the result of any information you disclose on the site to others.

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